About RDI

Earnings from RDI holdings are dispersed to our member First Nations.


MLTC Resource Development (RDI) is the for-profit arm of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC). MLTC has been doing business in Saskatchewan for over 25 years and has become one of Saskatchewan’s largest private equity investment managers.


MLTC established RDI to contribute to the community wealth. To achieve that goal, we participate in joint ventures, limited partnerships and acquisitions that fit with our strengths and sector focuses. We generate funds for new ventures through our business investments, outside partnerships, government funding, private financing, debt financing, and by leveraging assets and other currencies. We do not generate capital from our shareholder First Nations.


We pay disbursements to MLTC. These dividends fuel economic development, social programs, employment and infrastructure in the shareholder community.  We make a sizeable economic contribution to Saskatchewan with a portfolio of eight subsidiary companies that employ more than 2,400 people.